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[Drop Post]

[Dear Usopp and Brook,

I met a group of reindeer in camp! They really liked me, they all had blue noses and thought that I could talk with humans was amazing!

Um... they said they really need my help. So I'm going to go help them, but they said that they're getting really sick and that humans aren't allowed.

- Chopper]

[The above is on a note left in Usopp and Brook's respective cabins, however, one might catch him leaving the note before being carried off by blue nosed reindeers]

Offscreen Meme

DOES MY CHARACTER DO ANYTHING WITH YOURS OFFSCREEN? WHY NOT? Comment here to see where our characters are crossing paths, and where they're meeting up offscreen. Let's see if we can figure something out.

Tatewaki Kuno - Lives in the Hospital, room 100 (or was it 101? Why can't I ever remember?) but doesn't spend much time in there (though what time he does spend in there in deep meditation over if he should choose Akane or Ranma-chan. He's probably pretty loud about that. Early morning he basically makes a round of camp, in all the different environs- ending at the lake, where he attempts to battle Marcy (and fails every day). Some days however, he'll be practicing his technique rather than his strength in the dojo (which he helped build).

James and Jessie - Typically hang out in the Habe Linken cabin or the Mess Hall, eating what they can, when they can. Every day they make an attempt on Ash's pikachu, wherever he is, and get blasted off to the other side of camp (or into the barrier), but this is only a half hour of their day, typically, though set up time could be much much longer than that. For these plans they typically scrap whatever they can find- and reuse and reuse any scrap they find. They're delightfully creative and ingenuitive at this point.

Deadpool - Spends a lot of his days in epic showdowns with tons of zombies and/or things in the Caves of Despair, because that's where he gets the majority of his ammo- random loot, you see.
He doesn't have much of a day to day schedule, and can pop up anywhere or disappear on a whim. Edit I forget which cabin he's a counselor for but it's the same as Stein, so I imagine he pesters Stein and the inhabitants of such rather often- though he forgets who the campers are and it's like a surprise every day.

Chopper - Still adjusting to camp and not being able to do much pirating or doctoring, though that's mostly a failure on my part to get him really out there more. He doesn't really have a place to stay and I imagine he's actually made a little igloo in the snowy north pole/south pole area of camp, but hasn't told anyone yet, it's like a secret place where he can use a lamp he found and read medical books he's checked out of the library.


Style A:

Style B:

I am kind of leaning to style B, at least for the hat and the nose, because redrawing them is kind of a pain. But the fur color (which I grabbed straight from the anime) seem a little dark. I dunno. The sad part is that I'm pretty sure I'll replace manga icons with anime ones when I find a good enough replacement, but I'm redoing them anyway.

EDIT: Icon sizes!
Poll #1286467 Which style?

Which style do you prefer?

Style A
Style B

Stats/Permissions Meme

Age: 15
Height: ...varies. Strangely doesn't seem to have a canon height but- he's only a few feet tall in his normal form, probably 4 feet tall in reindeer form, and close to 6-7 feet tall in human form.
Weight: varies as well, I imagine he's really light in normal form, ....about the weight of a reindeer in reindeer form, and maybe 200-300 lbs in human form?
Eyes: Black
Hair: ....brown? He has fur though rather than hair.
Medical Info: He's actually a reindeer that has human traits, rather than a human that has reindeer traits. He's eaten the Hito Hito fruit which allows him to change his form, and he's formulated the Rumble Ball which allows him to transform even further than that. If he eats three rumble balls he'll turn into his Monster Point form, which is a good 3-4 stories tall and probably weighs in tons- at the cost of his own lifeforce, the longer he stays in this form the more of his life gets chipped away.
Physical traits: Really small, cute, his left antler broke and has a metal plate locking it into place. Really good health, being a doctor himself.
What's Okay To Mention Around Him: Anything you'd like. He'll believe you.
Abilities: A very skilled doctor, he seems to be able to heal people from practically any type of wound, his medical knowledge is top knotch as well, likely able to cure long-extinct diseases.

He has the ability to communicate with all animals, being an animal himself.

Beyond that, he's a very skilled fighter, being able to transform into eight different forms.

Brain - This is the form he normally goes around in, very small, cute, and similar to his Brain Point, he is very comfortable in it.
Walk - Much what you'd think, he's a reindeer, he can help pull things like this, as well as move much faster than his other two normal forms.
Heavy - Large and remniscient of an abominable snowman, he has some large strength backing this one.
Jump - Upright sleek, his jumping power is increased by a large margin, he usually uses this to postion himself while using a rumble ball.
Guard - Like a giant ball of fluff, the excess amount of hair guards from any impact.
Arm - Similar to Jump Point, only the arms are beefed up considerably, this is his main form he'd launch an attack form while using a rumble ball.
Horn - A form similar to Jumping Point but with larger and sharper antlers. In this form, Chopper's human arms are retained and also become bulkier in order to compensate with the large load upon his head. With these huge antlers, Chopper can use them for a variety of ways, such as using them as a large shovel.
Monster - The result of eating three rumble balls, he grows to monstrous height and weight and his strength follows, can easily knock down enemies that were previously immovable to even the strongest in his group, but he has no control having reverted to pure instinct.

Notes for the Psychics: Chopper is very unsure of himself, and easily frightened, and will probably be worrying about the health of his friends. However he is easily distracted and will get caught up in the moment, he doesn't have a lot of deep brooding thoughts.
Can I shapeshift/bodyswap/spit at/step on/etc?: Sure, he'll probably run away and/or threaten to fight before running away some more.
Maim/Murder/Death: I can deal with him getting hurt badly (broken bones, etc) but no death please.
Cooking: He has the ability to make tons of medicine, so I imagine he could follow a recipe rather well. Leaves the cooking to Sanji though so his actual skill is unknown.

Cast Chan!

#hesgonnabeking #chanchanfruit - One Piece cast channel!

Unless decided otherwise, feel free to join and stuff. We're small (so small I'm the only one in it, occasionally Yuffie/Ace!).